Rider Biomechanics

Colleen Kelly speaking at the University of KY

Colleen Kelly speaking at the University of KY

In RIDER Biomechanics we don’t just look at movement, we look at WHY things happen. It’s not just “look up and get your heels down”, but WHY did your heels come up in the first place? It looks at your spine and anatomy to make sure you’re sitting in a strong, safe position.

We can improve performance, help you get the competitive edge, help the beginner sit in a stronger safer position, and help prevent injury, and rehabilitate the injuries you already have – to help you to ride long hours without pain.

Balance and Co-Ordination

Colleen Kelly Masterclass at the Lipizzaner Hall in Johannesburg, the following day giving a Teacher Training Day featuring ISRB Instructor Anneke Roodt and Stallion Maestoso Erdem

Balance isn’t a gift – it can be taught! Colleen Kelly has taken some of the world’s best balance exercises from her background in exercise physiology and working in rehab gyms  (and sadly her own personal experience learning to walk again), and now uses those same principals and exercises to improve the rider. Combined with accelerated learning techniques no matter what the level of rider, or the horse sport, every rider can improve their balance and co-ordination.


Balance builds confidence…After surgeries and illness, Colleen’s back better than ever here with Saint in Tennessee

Great balance and confidence go hand in hand! There’s all sorts of other things that affect confidence. And it’s not just “being scared” or “fear of falling”, it’s the brain saying “hey I’m not stable and I could fall”…but if we can get you stable and balanced – confidence follows naturally. If you read Colleen’s background you’ll see she’s come from a wheelchair to riding again.  And, she scan show you exactly what she did and how to do it. And it’s not just “beginners fear”, it can be at the very highest level…and we really can help you become the rider you want to be, with the relationship with your horse that you’ve always dreamed of.

Higher Level Sports

Colleen Kelly Rider Biomechanics system used by Mounted Units around the world

Colleen Kelly Rider Biomechanics system used by Mounted Units around the world

With Colleen’s experience teaching Olympic and Paralympic athletes and World Champions, we can work on lighter and more controlled and effective aids for higher movements. The world’s highest level riders work on their seat, balance & position all the time. Here’s how you can work with the world expert to get the competitive edge More >


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