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Sports Biomechanics…the mechanics of the athlete

The Biomechanist has so much to offer the Olympic runner, basketballer or weight lifter.

Most people would know that we can do all sorts of complicated weight measurements, pin every kind of electronic tag on your body and read masses of pages of outcome.  These days every major sporting group has a bevy of sports scientists in so many fields all working together as a team.  And, now as a Visiting Adjunct Professor here in the USA, that’s what I do.

But…Champions also work on the rest…

The mechanics of testing and training might sound boring, so what we set about to do is add in accelerated learning techniques (such as neuro linguistic programming) and show you how you can “train” sitting in your car, or pushing the supermarket trolley…and make it fun.  And, also make it accessible when you’re returning to the season, or you’re coming back from injury, so that you’re working in a very soft and very correct way for when you can start training again – but you’re not losing all those months of recovery doing nothing!

Rider Biomechanics

Although I work with a lot of sports, riding is my passion. I come from a famous line of horse starters: Mary Louse Berry (my Great Grandmother), Alan Manuel (Grandfather), and my mother Gwen Manuel (Kelly), all from Tamworth and Hunter Valley regions in Australia.

Yes, Mum and I really DID ride all “Man from Snowy River” (and I must admit I still do a bit!) I spent years on the Gold Coast in Australia firstly doing endurance, but then moved on to play with Gold Coast Polocrosse Club and all the while having dressage lessons on the same horse.

We are related to the O’Keefe’s from Wangaratta, very famous trick riders in their day, and we were always hooligans, which is why I jumped into vaulting and was President of Vaulting Victoria for some years, and helped start Florida Vaulting here in the USA, and Paris Vaulting in KY.

Lots of you know the lovely Saint who was sold in January to Andrea McElroy, well he’s on the way to Black Pearl for a visit very soon, so keep an eye out for what we’re going to be up to very shortly!  When I took him out he was just glorious, and four firsts and Reserve Champion High Point at Georgia Dressage, so check back soon!

In the meantime, I am happy to visit basketball clubs, football clubs (a favorite), and of course Pony Clubs, or University Programs to donate a lecture or workshop whenever I can.  Just ask!

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