Colleen Kelly Rider Biomechanics  Dressage Camp “Ride the Test” & Mock Competition Tennessee

Colleen Kelly Rider Biomechanics  Dressage Camp Tennessee

Colleen Kelly Rider Biomechanics
Dressage Camp Tennessee

About a year ago I was telling Priscilla Roberts from Signal Mountain TN that her horse, Augie, was too good, and she was too nice a rider to keep riding around in her back yard.

“For evil to conquer – good people only have to do nothing”

So I challenged her to host a dressage camp, like we had done several times in Aus and the USA, where we would come together for a theory night – everything you need to know about the dressage test, how to get started, how to get registered, how to get yourself well and truly eliminated, and how to improve your marks!

Then the next day we ride tests again and again until our marks are much better, but more importantly that our horses and ourselves feel CONFIDENT going out the next day.

Now in TN getting up and down the mountains isn’t the easiest thing on the planet…so this time we’ve made it easy!  We’ve duplicated the competition right there at the barn so you don’t have to travel!

You can come to the entire clinic, or just the evening, or just the daytime, or even just come and ride at the competition and see how you go (and compare it to next time at the Advanced Camp!).

This is a FANTASTIC weekend for anyone from Walk-Trot to wanting to know what in their seat and position is making their flying changes big on one side and small on the other, or no bend in the half pass in one direction and screwed up like a bent up running pretzel to the other.

Yes, I am the only judge to get 100% that I’ve ever heard of, but those of you who know me know how much FUN we have.  We make all those hard things SIMPLE. And, for me, it was always sitting trot. I looked like a jellyfish on caffeine, and the judges were to polite in holding back in telling me so. But they didn’t need to say a word…I knew.  And, I know what I did to get from wobbles to where I really can still hold a vaulter up and pull them from the ground in canter. And, feel CONFIDENT doing so (even when the horse throws in a huge buck on stage with a vaulter standing behind!).

EVERYONE is welcome.  All levels.  Bring your green horse.  Bring a picnic.

Colleen Kelly Rider Biomechanics  Dressage Camp Tennessee

Colleen Kelly Rider Biomechanics
Dressage Camp Tennessee

“In House Dressage Camp & Competition”
(Not Traveling out to competition – unofficial competition held on final day)

Thursday Night 16 October, 2014.   7pm to 9:00pm Dressage Theory
Fri & Sat 17 & 18 October, 2014.    9am to 5pm.  “Test Riding & Improvement”
Sunday 19 October, 2014. DRESSAGE MOCK SHOW.

1701 Hollister Road, Signal Mountain, TN 37377
Contact – Priscilla Roberts
Phone: 423-802-1130

Would you like to
host one at your place?

However you can also hold one at your place!
Contact: Nicole Schneider

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