OK Information & Bookings:  Nicole Schneider
Lessons at your venue: Email: ckriderbiomechanics@gmail.com
OK Lessons:  Lisa Wegener – StormWalker Ranch, Dewey, OK
OK Show Volunteers:  Virginia Stirnweis

Hi to my friends in Oklahoma!Oklahoma_000001

I first came to speak, years ago, at the Oklahoma Dressage Association.  They filmed the event, and for two weeks only you can watch that film for free here


I very rarely teach lessons any more, as I am so busy with teacher training, so grab these last opportunities for 2014.  I will definitely be teaching in Dewey OK in between the two shows, but if you would like me to come to your venue, it might still be possible if you have 3 or 4 riders!

Private $160 per hour (including free gifts)
Shared $90 each per hr (incl free gifts)


For OKLAHOMA ONLY….. a FREE SEAT & POSTURE ASSESSMENT & CHECK-UP will be included on top of your lesson (value $90). That means, either myself, or one of my trained team will look at your seat and posture on the ground – without the horse.

We especially look at seat and position that might interfere with your horse – such as one shoulder lower or one more forward leading to a heavier and more forward seat-borne, and your coccyx (tail bone off to one side).  A horse can never be straight like that, and what’s worse is that it develops crooked muscles and unusual muscle development that causes an unbalanced load, and more strain in one area than another  – even injuring the horse.

So, you can go away with a check up on the ground. and a private or shared lesson and save $90 on the seat and posture assessment for this one visit only to OK!

How Biomechanics Can Help…

PAIN & STIFFNESS?  Learn to ride pain free!

Knee pain?  Ankle Pain?  Back Pain?  Numb feet?  We can help you with your seat and position to help you ride long hours without pain. You might feel your hips are “blocked” or you always lean forward or have your hands rolled over and there is nothing you can do about it. Well, believe me there are lots of things you can do – some of them almost ‘miracles’ because they’re so quick and easy!

BALANCE & CONFIDENCERider Balance Exercises.  Balance isn't a gift it can be taught. .001

I am writing this at 12am Sun Sept 28, 2014 TV and in bed with not a single injury!  OK you might think that’s a funny thing to tell you, but firstly, I’m here to tell the story! Secondly, I have to tell you what happened today.  Next door to us in Kentucky we have a big herd of goats (they are the cutest things ever), and very very clean. They are “guarded” by an Alpaca, and often go bouncing around the farm razzing up our horses on this side.

My intern Ruth Munroe was watching me ride (I never ride alone) and for absolutely NO REASON, Saint shied I am not kidding 10 or 15m sideways like Merlin the Portuguese Bull Fighting horse.

And you know what….I DID NOT MOVE.  I did not shift, I did not budge.  I did not raise a heel or a hand, and I managed to LAUGH!

Again, why I said not a single injury is that, I am not joking, I used to fall off the horse at a drop of a hat!

Anyone on the Gold Coast Polocrosse Team back in the late 1980’s would tell you it wasn’t a Carnival if Colleen didn’t end up in the hospital.  I was way over ambitions for my horse, and over-rode the poor little thing, but honestly I would fall off every five minutes.

And I was SCARED!!!  Anyone that has worked with me back in the 1970’s, 1980’s even early 1990’s when I switched to showing and then dressage will tell you I was ALWAYS over-mounted & under-skilled (Old Times was 18.1hh and I am 5ft 2in) and terrified to death!

Now I might add WHAT was I doing today?  Well we just came out of a Luis Lucio clinic (Two Time Olympian and Olympic Selector for Spain) and Saint was fully stirred up.  So, today I was trotting down the hill in a HUGE trot, getting the horse to really SIT, so when he shied he had enormous power behind it.

And I didn’t move. I’m here to tell the tale. Can you imagine what CONFIDENCE that gave me?  Oh my goodness all these years, finally I’ve learned to stay on.  And, I knew he was going to “blow”, I’d hoped he wouldn’t but I had that “gut feeling”.

So, I know EXACTLY what I did to stay on.  These are the identical techniques I teach the London Metropolitan Police (you know, the Police that take their saddles off WHILE JUMPING and don’t even miss a stride over the fences!).


And….I can share it with you.  Just one lesson might give you all the confidence you need to keep your horse instead of sell it.  You might get enough confidence to start a horse for the first time (under expert direction of course!).  You might get that balance and confidence you wanted to go over that jump you have never done, or that movement you have never perfected.

Control – balanced body position – confidence – enjoyment.  They all go hand-in-hand.  You can’t have one without the other.

I can improve your CONFIDENCE by giving you the same balanced body positions that the Police use to stay on during attack.  And, maintain that position COMFORTABLY for hours and hours on end.  The same position we give our endurance riders with hundreds of miles ahead of them!

Bring Your Coach or Friend

For the beginner this work is all about and developing a position that is so balanced and strong it can withstand the big movements – and big mistakes!

For the advanced rider it’s about developing a riding position with such a wonderful
independent seat that you can use your body (not just the bit and spurs) to improve the horse’s movement, balance and regularity – just by your having a very balanced, co-ordinated and harmonious position to allow the lateral movements to flow, the higher movements to be very engaged and lightly on the bit, and the rhythm and tempo remain the same through the pace.

This is work is SUPER FUN and TOTALLY DIFFERENT – your coach will be thrilled to finally get some answers as to WHY their pupils are having difficulty with something the coach finds terribly easy!

Young riders – Nervous – Green horses

Why wait? Why are you embarrassed? The YOUNGEST and OLDEST rider is very welcome to have a lesson.  I’m a Grandmother, and teaching children really is a specialty. I think I have more fun than they do! The youngest rider is most welcome.

Why hold your child back?  In one single lesson you will get at least a year’s worth of training, in fun, simple, easy-to-understand ways that young riders will remember forever!

Nervous riders & green horses a specialty.  If you want a clinic where you will be safe, looked after, respected and encouraged to work at YOUR level – this is the clinic for you! We WILL look after you.

Grand Prix Riders, Trainers, Professionals

There’s always that one client you just can’t seem to “get right”. It is so frustrating when you know the rest of their work is great, but they have flying changes big, slow and flat to the right and small and choppy & bouncy to the left.

Or why the pirouette is always a straight line instead of bent, or, bent to the right and straight to the left.

There’s always that Grand Prix jumper who looks down and can’t stop it, and KNOWS it puts them in a more unstable position, opening the front legs of the horse too early, and often one front leg opening “earlier” than the other.

And, our specialty, the Endurance rider with excruciating pain in the knees, or dressage riders with sore backs, or pony club kids that you simply can’t get their heels down and thumbs on top.

Bring your client along and video the lesson so you don’t need to be madly taking notes, as we go through a lot of information VERY FAST!

One lesson can be the difference between those constant 5’s and no ribbons at 8th place, and coming home with that ribbon – some incredibly quick ways to get the competitive edge.

Nothing better than the thrill of having taught someone who is successful – especially these days as there are some lovely horses out competing now!


A free lesson*  will be be given to every volunteer that can give us at least two half days on one of the trade-stands here:

1.  American Horsewoman Challenge
     (Guthrie, OK) (Oct 3, 4, 5). More

2.  SEAT & POSTURE tradestand/demo
     (Ardmore, OK) (Oct 10, 11, 12)  More

* Conditions apply – limited numbers.

OK Information & Bookings:  Nicole Schneider
Lessons at your venue: Email: ckriderbiomechanics@gmail.com
OK Lessons:  Lisa Wegener – StormWalker Ranch, Dewey, OK
OK Show Volunteers:  Virginia Stirnweis


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