1.  Lessons in Florida (winter). 

Instead of just a 1 hour lesson, this also includes
LOW RES Lessons in Floridaassessment with our team including follow up photography & analysis.  All levels of rider welcome. Don’t hesitate to have a lesson if you are nervous or have a green horse.  Get a safer stronger position to get the competitive edge or for riding pleasure trails for long hours without pain. Sale:  $99Buy Now With Paypal

2.  Lessons in Kentucky (summer)

Kentucky: Black Pearl Farm Lesson Package

Instead of a quick “lesson and leave”, stay overnight and have a free short “top up” lesson the next day.  Also includes a dismounted posture assessment with our team.  All levels of rider welcome. All sports (including non-horse sports) welcome.  This is a private informal fun relaxed farm where you can ‘hide away’ and learn in private and relax and enjoy yourself! And…we will not charge you for stabling, bedding, or accommodation!   Sale $99

Kentucky: Black Pearl Farm Three to Five Day Package

Come to a formal clinic or just come and hang out and work horses with us all day, the option is yours for the same price.  This is nearly 75% off!!!!
If you are going to come to KY to visit us, then why not come for up to 5 days for the same DRASTICALLY reduced introductory rate which is 75% off!  Sale:  $425

3.  Full Training Package

Only 8 of these packages will be offered in 2015, and to date ONLY THREE PACKAGES LEFT!  This training package is so intensive, we would like to send you a full program, however suffice it to say that it is the best training package we can offer you while you still stay at home as much as possible.  You get at the very least one  video lesson/month plus; 1 “top up” phone call in between each video lesson;  every single download listed here for free; Attend ALL our events, shows, clinics and trade fairs free;  Attend ALL teacher training and symposiums free;  Two 3-Day Riding Camps at Black Pearl Kentucky including stabling/bedding, accommodation, meals on your horse (sometimes we can arrange for a borrowed horse from the area for a small fee); 1 riding spot at a local clinic in your area (or come to KY again!);  1 riding spot for a friend at that local clinic (or come to KY again!). Guaranteed personal attention to achieve your riding and training goals.
Normal Price: $7,250  Amazing Sale Price $3,750
Buy Now With Paypal

4.  Stay at home!

VIDEO LESSON:  Great savings for you – or a lovely gift certificate for a friend Make even the simplest video on your iphone and send it to us and I will personally review your video and give you a 3 month program for you to work through at home to improve your seat, posture, balance & co-ordination. No trailering your horse, no people watching, totally private and confidential for even the most nervous riders on completely green horses through to Olympic professionals. Get HELP for your problems.  Why struggle when for such a cheap price you can get the answers to your problems in one session! Normal  Price: $160.00   Sale: $49.99

PHONE LESSON:  for yourself – your club – or a gift certificate Get all your questions ready for 30 mins on the phone with Colleen personally (we pay for the call at your time anywhere in the world). An amazing surprise for a friend or riding club (listen on speaker!).  Use this huge saving for yourself, or give it as a lovely gift certificate with your choice of hundreds of beautiful holiday, birthday, or Business-Like Gift Certificates. Normal  Price: $160.00   Sale: $49.99 Buy Now With Paypal

5.  Teacher Training


Now you can”share with a friend”

We have found a lot of our pupils have been sharing the teacher training 50% discount (ending shortly) to split costs with a friend. Email us for info

6.  Great gifts.  Look professional!

Just one of many inexpensive gifts for yourself or your friends...help support the ISRB Scholarship Program

Just one of many inexpensive gifts for yourself or your friends…help support the ISRB Scholarship Program

The International Society of Rider Biomechanics offers scholarships, donations, help and advice to all the equine charities: Pony Clubs, Riding Clubs, Police Mounted Units, Therapeutic, Hippotherapy and Paraequestrian.  Our goal is to develop and teach the safest riding position possible that we can teach to our Police Mounted Units, but then take that same safety and confidence and use it for higher level competition and to have a truly safe and confident trail rider who can ride for hours without pain.

Lots of great great fun things! 

Great gift ideas - help support the Society's Scholarship program. Email us for more.

Great gift ideas – help support the Society’s Scholarship program.CLICK HERE

We’ve got lots of fun stocking stuffers for you from little tiny items through to hoodies and shirts.

Have a look at our shop here:

Email us for more info-page-0

More info?

Nicole Schneider ckriderbiomechanics@gmail.com for info.

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