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Next Ride To Music NightWhat is the No. 1 thing a dressage judge judges?  Is it the same thing so valued by the jumper? And how would that work with reining?

Regularity is the ability not just to get in time to the three musics: walk, trot & canter, but the ability to do ALL the movements to that music.  So, collected walk and extended walk to the same walk music.  And, collected trot & extended trot to the same music. And the same with canter.

You might think of it as a ballet dancer that isn’t in time to the dance, but it’s worse than that!  When you think that nearly all of this comes from the military…imagine the soldier trying to explain to the general that the rest of the troups needs to go in time to HIS personal horse…sorry doesn’t work that way.

When I first started competing they told us to film the horse and match the music to the horse. EXACTLY WRONG!  There is a SET STANDARD that we need to train the horse to, after hundreds of years of trying to figure out what speed is a perfect balance between speed, engagement and allowing the horse to remain healthy able to maintain that speed for a long period of time.


Tempo is how FAST the horse is going.  It could be measured in kph or mph or bpm it’s still a measurable test that is easily repeatable.  You will learn the EXACT bpm the judges are looking for, and the jumper really needs to get maximum height and roundness over a fence.  Too fast and the horse jumps flat.  Too slow…well doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what happens when the horse is jumping too slow LOL.

FREE HANDOUTS:  You will receive handouts and information to get you literally as far as the Olympic & World Equestrian Games – exact same information I teach champion reiners for their two canter circles.  And, the best information a trailer rider and pleasure rider will ever get when it comes to that irritable “jogging” on the trail home.


Rhythm can be something like a cha cha or a gypsy tap or the kids doof doof techno rave music. And, it can be a fast or slow.  You can have really fast doof doof and really slow doof doof and it’s still the same RHYTHM.

Learn why canter CANNOT be done to waltz (3 time music), Learn why trot IS NOT a 2 beat movement for music professionals, and why counting footfalls in canter and walk isn’t the easiest way to get your horse in time.  All from the judge that got 100% in her judge’s exam!


Next Ride To Music NightCan you MEASURE cadence?  Understand the difficulty in actually measuring cadence, and other ways a judge & rider might use to measure, repeat & improve, rhythm, regularity & tempo while lengthening & shortening.

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