Thanks for your prayersThank you all for your notes of encouragement, posts and prayers.  My father is in Pindara hospital, and is quite elderly and now become very frail.

I am in Australia for a short visit, then home again to Kentucky for the International Coach’s Symposium in October, then back to Australia again in November.

Again, thank you so much for your prayers.

Should you need anything at all while I am away, please call my Assistant Shannon Carr at Black Pearl on Ph: 513 328 3630

Colleen Kelly

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  1. Our Best Wishes and Prayers for Colleen, Nick, & Frank while he is in hospital. Safe journeys to you both. Kallak and Niemann family. Debra Niemann (Kallak) Date: Mon, 14 Sep 2015 13:14:56 +0000 To:

    • That’s very sweet and kind. I’ll pass the message on to Dad, he’ll be thrilled. Could you perhaps send a photo through to I’m sure Dad would love to see it, and I can take my laptop in tomorrow. I’m sorry that Nick and I are no longer together, so facing this on my own this own this time. But, all OK, and I’ll pass on your message and love to Dad.

  2. Sorry to hear your Dad is in hospital. I remember him as a very cheeky, fun loving guy. I do have a couple of funny photos from Thendara Acadamy (if you remember that visit around 1996!!). Happy to send them if it would give him a giggle. Sad that you are still facing all these challenges alone, but never known anybody to rise to and overcome a challenge more convincingly than Colleen Kelly. My thoughts and prayers are with you so often and sending best wishes to your Dad. x


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