Free Dressage Video Library 10 Day Free Trial DTOHere’s a great announcement from the ISRB….

The  International Society of Rider Biomechanics is proud to announce it’s friendship agreement with Dressage Training On Line

The World’s Most Prestigious Dressage Library

The remarkable people behind DTO travel the world to film only the VERY BEST judges, riders, trainers, clinicians and presenters – all related to dressage – from beginner basics to the finest Olympic performance training.

After years of traveling to the world’s most prestigious venues they now have the most amazing dressage video library in the world.

Video & Evaluate Your Ride

DTO is not just “one way”, it’s not just sitting and watching – you can send a video and have your ride evaluated – and you choose the trainer or the judge!  It’s like flying your horse around the world for lessons with the world’s best – but without all the stress and cost. Perfect to keep costs down, or if you live in a remote area.

Advertise your horse for sale or eventsDTO Dressage Training on Line

Post sale horses, classifieds, business listings and events – all there in the one place for everyone to see!

Free 10 Day Trial

DTO have kindly allowed us FREE ACCESS to this remarkable library for 10 days!  Simply enter the code below, and you will not be charged unless you decide to continue your library membership – even then it’s only a quarter of what you would pay for just a regular a dressage lesson with a local coach…but you get thousands of hours of training with the world’s very best coaches, judges, trainers, clinicians and researchers.

I urge you to spend the next 10 days in study…don’t forget to enter the code below…

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