Lipizzaners of South Africa Gauteng Colleen Kelly Dressage Lessons and Clinics

Colleen Kelly evening lecture demo at the SA Lipizzaner Hall – the only Official Subsidiary of the Spanish School of Riding

Biomechanics Lecturer Colleen Kelly, MISRB, EFA – NJAS Official Dressage Judge (Retired), started her career in exercise physiology, in cardiac & injury/rehabilitation gymnasiums, and now, some 30 years later, is one of most sought-after lecturers around the world on human movement.

Colleen judged originally in showing – culminating at Sydney Royal, and later concentrated only on dressage judging. Although she was well known for receiving a remarkable 100% in the judge’s exams, it’s her Australian Sense of humor that sees her asked back to the most prestigious Universities and Events around the world

Lecturing at International Level Events

Colleen has been a key-note speaker at the world’s most prestigious FEI events such as: (scroll down for references below)

  • World Equestrian Games (Kentucky, 2010)
  • International CCI*** Sydney and Melbourne
  • Several CDI-W events
  • FEI North American/Canadian Grand Prix Judge’s Clinic – key note speaker
  • The International Society of Rider Biomechanics International Symposium co-hosted with the University of Kentucky, Asbury University, Midway University and Kentucky Horse Park – Key Note Speaker 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 (2017 to be held in Minnesota)
  • Royal Dublin Show, Ireland – Key Note Speaker
  • World Championships – Friesians – Key Note Speaker
  • Rolex – testing & demonstration booth for the ISRB
  • World Reining Championships – testing & demos for the ISRB

Science & Research

Colleen spent 8 years in the research department with the University of NSW at the CCLRU which, although in another scientific field, developed her great interest in scientific research.  Colleen is the current and longest standing President of the International Society of Rider Biomechanics (ISRB) set to retire in 2016.

Video References

Lecturing at Universities & Events

  1. University of Kentucky
    Colleen Kelly Rider Biomechanics This Program is USDF University Accredited United States Dressage Federation

    Bring your USDF – USEF – ZANEF – BHS – NCAS Log Books to have them signed by Colleen Kelly


  2. FEI Dressage Festival – Key Note Presenter
  3. Equine Extravaganza
  4. Averett University
  5. University of Queensland
  6. Pegasus Pony Club
  7. Queensland Horse Council
  8. Paracombe Pony & Equestrian Club
  9. Kellyville Riding Club
  10. Suncoast Pony And Riding Club
  11. Judging Sydney Royal
  12. Riding for Disabled – Tall Timbers
  13. Wandin Park 3DE
  14. Appaloosa State Championships
  15. Equicon Conference Vic
  16. Missouri State University
  17. Meredith Manor, WV
  18. Asbury University, KY
  19. Midway University, KY
  20. Penn State (New Bolton Center)
  21. Horse World Expo (MD and PA) several times
  22. Equine Affaire, CA, OH, MASS several times
  23. IRELAND: Key Note Presenter – Dublin Royal Show (Aga Khan’s Nation’s Cup – Show Jumping).
  24. USEF: National Training Conference, Hilton Hotel, Cincinnati OH (Key Note Speaker)

Teaching Dressage & Eventing

Colleen Kelly is a retired Official Dressage Judge after 34 years of judging, these are just some of the hundreds of State & National Level Events at which she judged.

Colleen Kelly is the only Official Judge to get 100% in the judge’s exam!

  1. AUSTRALIA: FEI Dressage Festival – Key Note Presenter
  2. Kellyville Riding Club – Dressage Judge & Presenter
  3. Official Judge: Sydney Royal Show

    Colleen Kelly Sydney International Equestrian Centre SIEC Sydney 3DE

    Colleen Kelly – Keynote Speaker at Sydney International FEI CCI***

  4. Wandin Park 3DE
  5. STATE CHAMPS: Appaloosa (Dressage)
  6. HRCAV
  7. CANADA: Grand Prix Judge’s Clinic –
    Key Note Presenter “The Rider Mark”
  8. STATE CHAMPS: Arabian Horse Ascn (Dressage)
  9. ACT State Dressage Association
  10. Dressage Rider’s Training Association
  11. AUSTRALIA: National Horse Festival
  12. STATE CHAMPS: 3DE/ Horse Trials

Teaching PC & Disabled & Para-Olympic Programs

  1. Pegasus Pony Club
  2. Paracombe Pony & Equestrian Club
  3. Kellyville Riding Club
  4. Suncoast Pony And Riding Club
  5. Riding for Disabled – Tall Timbers
  6. WorkCover Authority of NSW
  7. Kardella South Pony Club
  8. Riding for Disabled Awards
  9. CHINA: Inter Pacific – Key Note Speaker & Presenter
  10. NEW ZEALAND: National Event, Wellington, NZ
  11. AUSTRALIA: National Championships, NSW Key Note Presenter
  12. CANADA: Presenting at 2017 National Event, Toronto
  13. CAROLINA REGIONAL PC (Aiken): Speaking at Regional Event: January 2017
  14. VAULTING: Started both Victorian State Vaulting Association and Tasmanian State Vaulting Association and was State Representative to the National Council.
  15. PONY CLUB MANUAL:  Assisted with the re-write of the WA Pony Club Manual, Australia.
  17. RDA CHAMPION RIDERS:  Colleen Kelly has worked with many RDA/Para State, National, WEG & Paralympic medalists.
  18. Colleen Kelly has donated hundreds of hours to 4-H and Pony Clubs around the world to use a lecture/presentation as a fundraiser for their club, and raised nearly $250,000 for fundraisers for para-equestrians around the world.

Teaching Dog and Puppy Training

Australian crowds certainly remember the famous “Patch the Wonderdog” who performed with Colleen and “Rex the Wonderhorse” up and down the east coast of Australia, including the huge Vision 21 Expo at Carrara on the Gold Coast.

Now, after several performance and training dogs over the many years on the public stage, Colleen takes her service dog, Amber, with her to all events and does training demonstrations at lunch time, or at the evening lectures.  A remarkable dog, Amber was originally used to train other dogs and handlers for Wounded Warriors and Therapeutic Programs, but then Colleen came down with breast cancer herself in 2013, and the medicines and treatment caused serious and incurable deafness.  Amber was re-trained to be an assistance dog for Colleen’s hearing – and excelled at the training straight away. But, then something surprised everyone… Colleen suffered a complication to her breast cancer treatment: thyroid-toxicosis.  Her blood pressure went through the roof, and could rise and fall within the hour to seriously dangerous levels.  Colleen was instructed to test her blood pressure many times a day, and if it went over 160, take a short acting medication and lie down and rest until recovered.

The constant repetition of testing, and then laying down several times a day soon taught Amber when it was “lay down with Mummie” time – which Amber just loved!  Although Amber was fully trained to help train other service dogs and handlers, and to be an assistance dog for Colleen’s hearing – Amber taught herself to warn Colleen if her blood pressure gets dangerously high!

Several times Colleen has been teaching, and Amber gives the ‘signal’ (which is to sit down and ‘cry’) and sure enough – Colleen’s blood pressure had reached a seriously dangerous level.  There’s no doubt in Colleen’s mind.  Amber is a life-saver to her, but a joy to the other dogs and handlers she helps to train.

Lessons available with your dog, or come and watch Amber, or even work with her at her next event.  See calendar

Teaching Mounted Police Units

Colleen Kelly London Metropolitan Police Award

LONDON ENGLAND – Colleen Kelly receives a “Thank You” award from London Metropolitan Police for teaching them the “safety seat” program to make Police safer in the saddle under extreme circumstances

  1. Mounted Police: Houston
  2. Mounted Police: Austin
  3. Mounted Police: Lexington Mounted Police
  4. Mounted Police: London Metropolitan Police
  5. Mounted Police: NAPEC (Nth American Police Equestrian Champs)
  6. Mounted Police: The National Police Colloquium
  7. Mounted Police: Tampa
  8. Alburquque Mounted Police
  9. Lord Strathcona Mounted Garrison – Canadian Mounted Police

Colleen Kelly receives video from the First Lady of Kentucky:

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