From "at risk" to an Official Service Dog...Amber is saved!

SERVICE DOG CREDENTIALS!   From “at risk” to an Official Service Dog…Amber is saved and her future is bright!  See her training here

The puppy photo looked so CUTE!  Playing with a toy – butt up in the air, leaning down on her elbows…oh if only I had known what that posture says…A cheeky young dog posture saying “NO!, I’m a naughty kid – I don’t have to – make me!” I have had cattle dogs all my life, but this was the hardest dog to train – ever!  So I spent a long time fully training her as a protection/guard dog.

But, then the horrible thought…if I ever have to go back to Australia suddenly (with not enough time for quarantine), what would become of a guard dog? I have terrible tinnitus (ringing/deafness), and Amber already told me if the phone rings, or the alarm sounds for my medications, or someone is approaching the house – even the microwave ding.

But who would have thought she could save my life…with my cancer giving me sudden high blood pressure moments, Amber must have realized every time I feel the pain in my chest, check my bp, then lie down and Amber gets to cuddle with me. Now she can come and tell me and save my life – and I didn’t even train her that trick at all!  Now, forever, she has a future by my side, and if anything happens to me, I’m leaving a wonderful dog for someone else to love just as much. See her training here:

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